workshop 16-17




Workshop 16, 27/5 12:45-14:00

Yaron Sela, Israel - CANCELLED

Non-Violent Resistance Workshop for parental training to reduce problematic internet usage among adolescents


Background: Adolescents are widely exposed to significant hazards while surfing online, such as problematic content (e.g. pornography, gambling and violence), negative encounters (e.g. cyber-bullying and pedophiles) and extensive usage; therefore they are prone to develop Problematic Internet Use (PIU). PIU was found to be associated with depression, social anxiety, avoidance, health problems and functioning impairment in academic and social domains. The most important buffer for children in face of these hazards is their parents. Nevertheless, many parents feel helpless coping with PIU mainly due to lack of technological knowledge and low sense of legitimacy. Thus, attempts of setting boundaries by parents for using internet and media devices is a significant source of conflicts. Using principles of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR), a new protocol was developed in order to assist parents coping with PIU.

Goal: The main goal of the workshop is to teach therapists how to assist parents to (1) create a dialogue with their children in regard to online activities (2) increase parental efficacy to become more involved in the digital world of their children; and to (3) reduce functioning impairment of children as a result of PIU.

About the workshop: During workshop, first, an introduction of PIU will be delivered; Afterwards NVR protocol will be shown and discussed. The group-counseling protocol focuses on adjusting parental involvement to risk levels of online behaviors, while balancing between a positive dialogue in regard to online activities, and also taking protective actions by parents when necessary. In addition, the protocol introduces for parents techniques of identifying and addressing children's anxieties and avoidant patterns which are reinforced by using the internet compulsively. The workshop will be accompanied by clinical examples and role playing of participants.




Workshop 17, 26/5 16:30-17:45

Stefan Ofner, Austria : NVR for Schools - let´s do it together


The most important factor for successful learning in schools is the relationship between the teachers and the students. NVR helps the adults to create an atmosphere of respect, clarity regarding values and rules and a confidence in reaching the ambitious aims of education. In the workshop you will experience, how we work with teachers and how NVR helps finding ways out of problematic situations, like disciplinary challenges or refusal for example. A crucial Issue in this regard is the ability of the teachers to work together. So we will "do it together"!





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