workshop 22-23




Workshop 22, 26/5 13:00-14:15

Wil van Nus, Netherlands


NVR needs a change from within

In this workshop I will explain, by means of practical examples and exercises, the implementations of NVR in Dutch education.


A change from within increases the chance of a successful implementation. Therefore teaching professionals can bring about a faster and better change where social workers, therapists or other ‘outsiders’ probably will fail.


It is important to incorporate what education professionals already know. Non Violent Resistance does not replace any didactical or educational interventions but offers additional tools where teachers get stuck in an impasse in their daily work.


The starting point is not the powerlessness and anger, but a 'need' from which can be worked towards a common attitude of concern or opposition, and where cooperation with the environment becomes normal. In this way new authority and vigilant care become natural key concepts that are closely related to the practice of education.


Effective handling of dailly impasses in school (such as agression and behaviour problems, angry parents, unwillingly collegues or a critical society) is based on a collective effort and cooperation. Therefore the first steps in the process of giving an answer to the ‘need’ are vision development (where do we stand for?) and formulating a joint starting point. How do teachers interpret the goals and values of education? How do they look at themselves? And how towards society, outside the school?


NVR can be an amazing supplement to the professional skills of teachers. Having a good relationship with the pupils, reflecting on your behaviour and feeling supported by a team of in- and outsiders of the school will help teachers to make their craftsmanship a masterpiece!






Workshop 23, 26/5 16:30-17:45

Andreas Aamodt and Mikkel Borg Rasmusssen


Networking with NVR


In our family therapy work, we consider NVR as a tool to work with relationships, trust, transparency, development through close relationships with important and relevant adults, who show their presence by standing shoulder to shoulder.


We offer close cooperation with the family and other important people in the child's network, where we seek to solve the problems, not only lessen the symptoms of the problems. Nothing can be understood in isolation, nor the problems and challenges you as a child or parents are facing and must help to resolve.


We therefore work with network meetings with the various institutions, professional helpers, friends and relatives that may be in a child's life. This may be a single child or larger groups of children.


We work with the family and institutions around the child, the empowerment of adults and their relationship with the child is in focus. The work often shows new possibilities to also empower the relationship between the parents and the institutions trying to support the family and child.


The workshop will demonstrate specific means of:

-How to focus on the work together with the network around common concrete challenges.

- How to convey a nonviolent resistance and loving imprint.

- Known tools for anti-escalation.


The methods are particularly useful in relation to:

- Children with school refusal.

- Teens in trouble, who finds it difficult to accept help.

- Promote cooperation between school and home, regarding students in trouble.


The workshop will be based on a specific case, where our ideas of networking with NVR are used.



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