workshop 28-29




Workshop 28, 27/5 14:30-15:30

Dr. Philip Streit, Austria – Schools

Dr. Philip Streit, Klinischer und Gesundheitspsychologe, Psychotherapeut (SF), CEO Institut and Akademie für Kind, Jugend und Familie, CEO Institut für Positive Psychologie und Mentalcoaching, Coordinator Seligman Europe, Member of the IPPA Board of Directors and Member Founders Group NVR

4th international non-violent resistance conference in Malmo (NVR Conference) May-2015


Experiences with the new authority model in Styrian primary, secondary and high schools.

In the federal state of Austria- Styria- over 30 schools are using the model of new authority as a principal of teaching over the last four years, after explaining the implemented model the participants will get explained the steps how to establish a NVR model in a complete school institution. Beside a couple of cases that show very practically how NVR tools can be used and adapted. The main focus of the workshop will be which steps are probably most successful to establish the spirit of non-violent resistance psychology in a school and what is to do to have a continued presence of the model at school.

Presenter: Dr. Philip Streit- clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, systemic family therapy coach and supervisor. Philip Streit is senior of the “Institut für Kind, Jugend und Familie” and the “Akademie für Kind, Jugend und Familie”, a medium size enterprise with 60 employees. He is a member of the NVR founders group and on the board of the international positive psychology association. Currently he is writing a book together with Haim Omer about new authority.





Workshop 29, 27/5 12:45-14:00

Henk Breugem, Netherlands in coopertion with Dan Dolberger, Israel


Treating the Absent Patient: live client interview with the mother of a Hikikomori

Henk Breugem, Netherlands in cooperation with Dan Dolberger, Israel

Therapy can induce many changes in people’s lives, but not the very motivation to begin therapy. That is a significant fact in a world where more than one half of the global population suffering from a major psychiatric disorders go untreated. Can NVR help? In this workshop we interview our client, the mother of a 30 year old man who spent the past 10 years enclosed in a room. Together with her we will narrate 24 months of NVR and Family therapy in conditions of high suicide risk, thin support, and lack of cooperation on the identified patient’s part. We will also discuss NVR as a groundbreaking therapeutic setting, which transforms the IP’s absence from obstacle to advantage.



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