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Workshop 26, 26/5 16:30-17:45

Dr. Philip Streit, Austria – Organisation

Dr. Philip Streit, Klinischer und Gesundheitspsychologe, Psychotherapeut (SF), CEO Institut and Akademie für Kind, Jugend und Familie, CEO Institut für Positive Psychologie und Mentalcoaching, Coordinator Seligman Europe, Member of the IPPA Board of Directors and Member Founders Group NVR

4th international non-violent resistance conference in Malmo (NVR Conference) May-2015


NVR in management and leadership

Cameron 2009, 2011 states what is necessary for extraordinary success of institutions and enterprises: positive communication, positive relation, and positive meanings from Schlippe (2002, 2004, 2010), Omer (2002, 2004, 2010) and Haberstroh (2015). Ed said that it is necessary to have this extraordinary success. Managers who are presently full of vigilant care are able to organize support, are able to talk in a deescalating manner and to inform the public in the right way. The workshop will establish first of all a model how the tools of nonviolent resistant-psychology can be used for management and leadership. Special attention will be focused on the fact how to establish the right way of thinking, to exercise non-violent resistance. Then a six step model will be presented and explained by best practice examples. The participants can exercise the interventions and at the end of the workshop they will have a portfolio of tools to use immediately in their context.

Presenter: Dr. Philip Streit - clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, systemic family therapy coach and supervisor. Philip Streit is senior of the “Institut für Kind, Jugend und Familie” and the “Akademie für Kind, Jugend und Familie”, a medium size enterprise with 60 employees. He is a member of the NVR founders group and on the board of the international positive psychology association. Currently he is writing a book together with Haim Omer about new authority.




Cancelled - Irit Schorr Sapir

Workshop 27, 27/5 12:45-14:00



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